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Youth protection training


Boy Scouts of America provides education and training for adult leaders and youth regarding youth protection in a nationwide effort to combat child abuse. 


The Northern New Jersey Council has adopted a strict policy with regard to youth protection training.  We must have at least one adult with current youth protection training certification on every overnight camping trip.  All of our registered adult leaders have youth protection certification. 


Advancement, ranks


Advancement is also an important part of Scouting as it teaches outdoor skills, life skills and leadership while also providing a lot of opportunities where fun and advancement are combined.  What’s very important for every boy and parent to know is that advancement is led by the boy with parent support.  Troop 5 provides the opportunity for advancement but part of Scouting is learning to be responsible and advancement is a major component of this experience.


When a boy first joins Scouts they each receive a Scout Handbook that explains the requirements to achieve each Scout rank.  The handbook is also where advancement is tracked.  While every Scout advances at their own pace, there are two questions parents frequently ask.


First, when should I expect my son to get their first several ranks? 


The first ranks are Scout, Tenderfoot and Second Class.  These ranks can be accomplished as quickly as 1-year or take a little longer.  A large determinant is your son’s participation in campouts and Patrol meetings where a lot of advancement help is offered.


Second, as a parent, what can I do to help my son advance?


The biggest help is for you to open the Scout Handbook to the page where advancement is tracked to see what your son has accomplished and what he has left to finish his next rank.  Often a parent finds their son has just one or two items left and all that’s needed is a little focus or for your son to ask their Patrol Leader or an adult leader to work with them on the last item.  This is where you can really make a difference.


As your son progresses to the upper ranks (First Class, Star, Life and Eagle) the most important factor in their advancement is attending the two week summer camp with Troop 5.  Nationally while a small percentage of boys in Scouting make it all the way to the rank of Eagle, Troop 5 has a long and proud tradition of boys staying active through high school and attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. 


Merit Badge counselors


The troop can provide a list of counselors, both in the troop and locally, to work with Scouts on Merit Badges.




Each adult leader participates in training for leadership, camping skills, health and safety offered through the Boy Scouts of America or American Red Cross.


The BSA makes continuous training available online at:


BSA National Online Training