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 Troop 5 Maplewood South Orange

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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Memorial Day/ Duck Race/ July 4th Fundraisers

Popcorn Sale Fundraiser

Holiday Wreath Sale








Troop 5 has three main sources of income to support its programs throughout the year.


1. Yearly Membership fees:

            Collected annually in September

2. Fundraisers (see below)

3.Trip/Activity Fees:

Fees for weekend trips and activities cover entrance fees, permits, help subsidize transportation costs.


The Finance chair and Treasurer maintain bank accounts for the troop and keep all financial records, including “Scout Accounts.”


Each Scout can earn credits in their Troop 5 “Scout Account” which can be used towards the cost of summer camp, outings, etc.  For our High Adventure trips, such as the Virgin Islands trip in 2009, each Scout is required to “pay their way” for at least a third of the cost through troop fundraising activities credits.


No Scout will be denied membership or participation because of financial hardship.  There are many opportunities for Scouts and families to earn money to pay for registration fees, uniforms and camping fees through Troop fundraisers.  There are also opportunities for financial assistance.






Troop 5 gladly accepts donations, you can donate using this link:

Donate to the Troop 5 General Fund






Troop 5 sponsors several fundraising activities throughout the year, most provide a way for Scouts to earn credits to help “pay their own way” and also provide for operation of the Troop and the program. 


Spaghetti Dinner Troop Fundraiser - 3/14/2010

Generally held in Spring, our primary Troop fundraiser is a spaghetti dinner that we first held in 2002.  Every family is asked to sell a minimum number of tickets to the dinner and to participate in the event by cooking, serving, setting up or cleaning up or on publicity or some other aspect of the event. 


Memorial Day/Duck Race, Fourth Of July


The troop sells concessions (hot dogs, soda, water, glow sticks, etc.) at the Memorial Day Duck Race and the Fourth of July events in Maplewood.


Popcorn Sale


The Boy Scout Popcorn Sale is held every fall and helps not only our troop but our local district and council.  Troop 5 had led or been one of the top troops in popcorn sales in our district every year!


Holiday Wreath Sale


Now in its 15th year, the troops sells high quality wreaths around Thanksgiving time.  Wreaths have come decorated or undecorated and in a variety of sizes.