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This is where stories of the preparations for Philmont 2022 and Summer Camp 2022 will appear, which is why you should keep your eyes on it.

‘The Red Beret,’ an occasional Troop 5 newsletter publication, is moving online, hopefully this month.

Originally, the officer position of “Newsletter Editor” was charged with soliciting articles from Troop members, but as with so many news and information organizations, and in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, Troop 5 is on the cusp of moving articles and photos – usually gathered by the Troop Historian – online.

This has happened after two years of mostly virtual Troop 5 meetings, and because of the needs for future Eagle Scouts to meet Communications Badge requirements to enter this brave new world of the 21st century.

Among the other skills Scouts in Troop 5 learn will be how to write ‘blog posts,’ as opposed to printed newsletter articles. They will learn to not only compose a brief – four to five paragraphs – but also how to accompany such briefs with graphic elements such as photos, and even embedded links, as ‘contributors.’ As currently envisioned, positions involved in this activity will be the Webmaster, Historian and Scribe.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor: Fall 2018

By Evan Ragone, Troop 5 Life Scout


On Saturday September 15th at Seth Boyden School many Scouts, leaders, familys, and friends joined together to celebrate Jared Neyman and Max Spiegel for attaining the rank of Eagle at the Troop 5 Court of Honor. This event is important to many because it is a moment to celebrate the Scouts who have worked hard to attain the prestigious rank of Eagle. It is a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements completed by the new Eagle Scouts and those who helped them. It is special because only 4 percent of Boy Scouts attain this rank. Over forty Troop 5 Scouts have earned the Eagle rank since 2010. These ceremonies also inspire younger scouts to want to work towards this rank.  Congratulations to Jared and Max on this achievement.