Battling the Cold at Battleship Cove

By Eric F.

ON BOARD THE USS MASSACHUSETTS, Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean–(Nov. 20)–

It was a brisk cold night.

We had just arrived at the battleship.

We arrived late. We pulled into the parking lot and as soon as we opened the door, a cold gust of wind blew into the car.

We exited the car walking down the dock to the battleship. It was pitch black at night, but you could still make out the giant waves and the water crashing down.

We opened the steel hatch concealing the interior.

We went down a few flights of stairs, which were cramped and barren. We came up on our berths where our whole Troop was staying, and it was very spacious but dark. Soon after we had stowed our gear we explored the ship.

There were many cool things, especially at night, and the darkness added a mystique which made the boat even more fun to explore.

We were walking along the deck of the boat, when we stumbled upon a strange door in the floor. We opened it and found a passageway leading toward the old mess that served soldiers in the war.

We strolled around in that room, finding many cool exhibits and ultimately learning more about the battleship.

We decided after that to look at the top deck.

It was very cold. I almost got frostbite despite wearing gloves.