Adult Leaders

Scout Master

IMG_8958 Chris Donat
Scout Master since Jan. 1, 2022

Asssistant Scout Master since 2015. Previous Cubmaster of Pack 19 Maplewood (2 years) and Den Leader (4 years). He has one son in the Troop, Henry, the 2021-22 Senior Patrol Leader, and one son who ‘aged-out’ of the Troop as an Eagle Scout and former SPL, Cole. When not involved in Troop 5, he is an Equity Research Analyst.

Scout Master Emeritus

IMG_3573 Roger Brauchli, Scout Master Emeritus

Roger was Troop 5 Scout Master from 1969 until Jan. 1, 2022. He is an Eagle Scout (Troop 5). He is also retired as the Maplewood Director of Recreation and Cultural Affairs, and as Dean of Students at a private High School. Boy Scouts of America recognitions include the Silver Beaver Award, Scoutmaster Award, Scouter’s Key and the District Award of Merit. His son, Daniel, is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader).

Assistant Scout Masters

David Berry

Assistant Scout Master since 2010. Currently Committee Chair. 2008-10 Assistant Cubmaster of Pack 20 Maplewood. His son, Corbin, was a former Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader before ‘aging out’ in 2016.  He made Eagle in 2015.  Over the years David has enjoyed working with our Scouts as they rise through the ranks and helping our Scout Master and ASM’s to ensure we continue to maintain the Gold Standard for which Troop 5 is known.
  Daniel Brauchli

Eagle Scout (Troop 5). Assistant Scout Master since 2013. (former Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader). Manager communications department, United States Rowing Federation.

IMG_9709_crop Gerald Donlan

ASM since 2009. Previous Cubmaster and Den Leader for Pack 3 Maplewood. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL, JASM). Editor.

  Bob Durr

ASM since 2005. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL and JASM)

IMG_9001 Mark Goodman

Eagle Scout (Troop 90, Washington, DC). Runs a local woodworking shop and is an EMT. ASM since 2008. He is our current Medical Officer. Recipient of Scouter Training Award. Advisor on the 2011 and 2014 treks to Philmont Scout Ranch. Assistant Scoutmaster at 2010 National Scout Jamboree (Troop 505). Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL and JASM).

IMG_8492_crop Michael Goodman

Eagle Scout (Troop 5). Presently attending Ithaca College majoring in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Pre-MBA studies. (former PL, ASPL, JASM).

Andrew Gnutti Andrew Gnutti

Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former Den Chief, Historian, PL, ASPL, and JASM). Currently an ASM since 1988. Attended summer camp for over 30 years. Was a member of 3 different Troop 5 trips to the USVI. Awarded the District’s Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year. Teacher, South Orange/ Maplewood School District.

IMG_8965 Kent Heacock

ASM since 2013. Previous Assistant Cubmaster for 2 years. Attended Philmont Scout Reservation 2014 and USVI trip in 2013 and 2016. Youth Leader at St. George’s Church for 4 years. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, SPL and JASM).  IT Sales.

  Josh Heacock

ASM Since 2017. Troop 5 Eagle Scout Troop 5. (former PL, SPL and JASM).

IMG_8996 Tom Kincaid

Troop 5 Eagle Scout. ASM since 2014. Has two sons who are Eagle Scouts and one son who is currently a Life Scout. Retired Maplewood Police Officer and currently a Security Officer.

Scott Lahey Scott Lahey

ASM since 2013. Attended Philmont Scout Reservation 2014.  Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (current SPL). Executive Chef, Private New York City Club.

  Mario Merlino

ASM since 2017.

  Terin Miller

Assistant Scout Master since 2017. His son, Jordan, a Troop 5 Eagle Scout, was Historian, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 5 2019-20 before ‘aging-out.’ He became involved in Troop 5 because of his son, and because it was fun. 2019 Philmont Crew Victory 1. Currently co-chair of the Committee’s Communications Committee. Career journalist and fiction writer.
IMG_8969 Wayne Neyman

ASM since 2010. Previous Cubmaster Pack 20 South Orange for 2 years. Son is a Life Scout (PL, current ASPL). Attended USVI in 2013 & 2016. Director at Camp Winnebago. Retired Senior Manager.

Peg O’Shaughnessy

ASM since 2017. Previous Advancement Chair at Troop and Pack 10. Active leader with BSA since 2003. Parent of three sons: youngest is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout; Middle was a Troop 10 Life Scout; and oldest is a  Troop 10 Eagle Scout. Lenape Trails District Den Chief Training Trainer since 2010. A member of Glen Gray Old Guard. School Board Member, Our Lady of Sorrows School.

 gary-stein2.jpg Gary Stein
ASM since 2008. Previous Recruitment Chair. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL).
IMG_8961 Ed Tabora

Troop 5 ASM since 2013. Former Committee Chair, Assistant Webelos Leader, and Den Leader for Pack 3 Maplewood. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout. BMW Group Vehicle Automotive Technician.

IMG_8971 James Zachara

ASM since 2009. Popcorn Kernel for 5 years, Advancement Committee for 2 years. Previous Pack 20 South Orange Popcorn Kernel for 3 years as well as a Den Leader. Co-Leader of Girl Scout Troop 321 Maplewood for 5 years. Coached girls softball, boys baseball and boys soccer in the MSO Rec League for 14 years. Former member of the National Ski Patrol. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (PL and ASPL). Owner, JAZ Studios, Inc (Stained Glass and Hardwood Floors).

  Thomas West

Eagle Scout (Troop 5). ASM since 2014. (former PL, ASPL and SPL).




Bob Fay
Co-chair Communications Committee (2022 – Present)

Committee Chair (2010 – 2021)

ASM (2000 – 2009)

Cubmaster (1998-2000) and Den Leader in Pack 4 Maplewood.

Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL, SPL).

Head Coach MSO Packers (5 years), Head Coach South Brunswick Girls Softball (7 years), Assistant Coach MSO Girls Softball (1 year).

IMG_9710_crop Bart Albini

Eagle Scout (Troop 13, Weehawkin). Committee Member since 2002. Former Cubmaster for 2 years and Den Leader of Pack 4 Maplewood. Son was a PL and ASPL. Computer Consultant.

  Stuart Boose
  Committee Member since 2021.  Currently serving as Membership Coordinator.  Former Pack 19 Den Leader, South Mountain School PTA Board Member, SOM baseball coach and rec soccer coach.  Son is a current Troop 5 scout.
  Mary Chris Brauchli

Committee Member since 2003. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL, SPL). Consumer Products Research Chemist.

IMG_9002 Jeff Bruckner

Eagle Scout, Troop 152 (North Haverhill, NH). Current Chair of the Program Committee. Committee Member since 2005. Previous Cubmaster of Pack 4 Maplewood. Has two sons who are Troop 5 Eagle Scouts (One was a PL and ASPL and the other was a PL and SPL). Technology Consultant.

 Don Collins Don Collins

Committee Member since 1985 and is the current Chair for our Board of Review. In the past he served as our Committee Secretary. Previous Committee Chair of Pack 4 Maplewood. He’s been to more summer camps than he can remember and was a MSO Youth Baseball coach for many years. He had two sons in the Troop, one of them is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout.

  Jim Diegnan

Committee Member since 2017. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout.

  Mark Diquinzio

Committee Member since 2000. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former ASPL).

IMG_8993_crop William Ferrell

Committee Member since 2011. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (PL and ASPL).

  Ed Gunneson

Committee Member since 2005. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former ASPL). Graphic Designer.

  Peter Lenz

Committee Member since 2006. Past Chair of the Communications Committee. Previous Den Leader Pack 20 South Orange (5 years). Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL).

  Dick Lunde

Current Chair of the Finance Committee since 2010. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL).

IMG_9706_crop Alan Meades

Committee Member since 2005. Past Finance Committee Chair. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL, SPL).

  Ian Meades

Eagle Scout (Troop 5). Committee Member one year. (former PL, ASPL and SPL).

  Mark Mucci

Current Troop Treasurer. Committee member for since 1998. Son is a Troop 5 Eagle Scout (former PL, ASPL).

IMG_8999 David Niles

Current Committee Secretary since 2013. Previous Camping Coordinator and co-Den Leader for Pack 20 South Orange. SROTC Cadet Commander. Three sons who are Troop 5 Eagle Scouts. Two were PL’s. VP, Litigation Council, Fidelity Title.