Youth Leadership

Troop 5 is a “Scout-run” organization.  The Senior Patrol Leader and their Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s) actively lead the Troop meetings and outings. These youth leaders are elected by the Scouts in the Troop in May of each year. The patrol leaders are also elected by the Troop 5 Scouts.

The other leadership positions (Warrant Officers), such as Quartermaster, Librarian, Scribe, Historian, Webmaster, Troop Guide, Troop Instructor, and Chaplain’s Aide, are chosen by the Senior Patrol Leader from written applications submitted by the Scouts who wish to fill these positions.

The Senior Patrol Leader, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, the Patrol Leaders and the other Warrant Officers make up the Troop Leader Council, or TLC.  The TLC meets briefly after every weekly troop meeting to evaluate the program for that meeting and to review any upcoming trips and meetings.  TLC also meets once a month for a more detailed planning or training meeting.  Every June, the newly elected TLC meets to plan the calendar for the following year, choosing the camping trips and the monthly themes for the troop meetings.  Every summer TLC members attend a formal training program.

Adult Leadership

Troop 5’s Adult Leaders are registered with and have passed background checks by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  All have been trained by the BSA in youth protection, and receive additional training throughout the year. Many have passed both Red Cross and Boy Scout first aid requirements. Some leaders are parents of Scouts, some parents of former Scouts, some are former Scouts (even from Troop 5!).

Our Scout Master, Chris Donat, along with the Assistant Scout Masters, work with the boys on a day-to-day basis.  This team provides mentorship to the members of the TLC. This very active group of Scouters gets to know each of the boys very well, and is involved with all the events, programs, and activities of the troop.

Supporting the Scout Master in delivering a quality troop program and handling troop administration is the Troop Committee. The Troop Committee is led by our Committee Chair, David Berry.  The Troop Leadership is organized in two layers: an Executive Board and a set of Functional Teams. The Executive Board meets monthly; Functional Teams meet as necessary, usually at Troop meetings or at Executive Board meetings.

The committee supports leaders who are carrying out the program by being responsible for the administrative functions of the troop: finances, budget plans, meeting facilities, communications, recruiting , publicity, BSA policies, troop property, advancement records, Boards of Review, and Courts of Honor.