Cooking Up History, and a ‘Mystery’ at Camp Munsee

By Chris F.

Troop 5 made the trip to Camp Munsee for our annual Troop 5 Cooking Competition Jan. 21.

Before the competition the Scouts were playing basketball and football, as well as some card games.

As it neared time for the competition, we were all called into the dining room and told there was “a murder!”

The patrols worked to piece together information and find out who the “murderer*” was.

(*Due to legal requirements and due process, I am not at liberty to identify the suspected “murderer.”)

After the mystery was sorted out, the patrols began preparing their food or the competition.

The themes ranged from ‘Different Pizzas’ to ‘Squid Games.’

In the end, the Cobra patrol won with their meal, which included ‘pizza bagels,’ two pizzas (dino nuggets + fries, and plain), a ‘fruit and cookie pizza,’ and a ‘monkey bread pizza,’ which consisted of Pillsbury Biscuits, sauce, and cheese.

With the cooking competition finished, we played a game of ‘Commandos’ and assorted card games.

At around 10:30, we went to bed with full stomachs.

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