Camp Alpine and The Palisades: Hiking Along The Hudson

By Kristof D.

Tradition says if you want or need rain, invite Troop 5 to camp!

In late March, Troop 5 set out on a adventure for an 11.3-mile hike and camping around the banks of The Hudson River.

The troop drove up to Camp Alpine, were we then hiked against The Hudson.

The hike was a loop, beginning in New Jersey and leading into New York.

The first point on the trail was a small castle almost looking over the Hudson on a cliff; the adult leaders said it was used as an outpost in the American Revolution.

Next we hiked in cold rain and wind to a restaurant looking over The Hudson that graciously let Troop 5 in to eat.

After our lunch break, we went on to an overlook of The Hudson and saw many trains.

Then we hiked on to the border of the states of New York and New Jersey, where there was a stone monument.

Then we crossed the border and hiked through a river to come to a turning point, on the banks of the river.

“While many people can camp in good weather, Troop 5 can camp in any weather.”

–Roger Brauchli, Troop 5 Maplewood Scout Master Emeritus

As we turned back our Scout Master led us to an old highway on which we hiked back.

As we came back to the campsite we crossed over a highway on a bridge as cars honked at us.

When we came back to camp we set up in the rain and played around exploring the camp ground.

Then we came back to our tents where an Assistant Scout Master had set up a dining tent over a table where we ate chicken quesadillas for dinner.

After dinner one of the adult leaders set up a fire as it started to only drizzle.

As we went to sleep it was still raining. Many people had a sleepless night.

In the morning we had pancakes, eggs, and bacon as the rain had stopped and the clouds were opening up.

After breakfast we packed up our wet tents.

To close off the trip our Chaplain’s Aid gave a great interactive ‘vespers’ service.

Then our Scout Master said to set up our tents at home to dry, and everyone got into cars and went home.